COMPLETED – The Perfect Christmas Gift

The Perfect Christmas Gift

And so we have it: the perfect Christmas gift. Forget about sitting in traffic. This car flies over all of that.

-No need to drive through confusing roads

-No need to worry about crashing

-No need to worry about being late

It’d be wonderful! If it was real.

What inspired this picture? It’s quite simple. Anyone who lives in a car-centric area is more or less dependent on a car for everything. Of course, one of the problems that comes with living in a car-centric place is that you have to navigate badly designed roads and avoid horrible drivers. Anyone who lives in a place like, say, Atlanta, GA in the United States understands this.

A car like this would be the perfect Christmas gift. But, given that the perfect Christmas gift doesn’t exist, there’s no use stressing over getting someone the perfect Christmas gift. There’s no use wishing desperately for the perfect Christmas gift, either.

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