Wally, Wally, and Whart

(Thank God, my carpal tunnel syndrome has finally run its course. I seriously needed to let my wrist rest)

For the Big-Tooth Bros, there’s only one thing that can keep ‘em satisfied: beef, bacon, and chili dogs!

As a fun fact, I’m a fan of chili dogs and bacon cheeseburgers. Of course, I try not to overdo it because I don’t want a heart attack by age 50 or something.

Riding on Ed the Enormous Elephant

Riding on Ed

Glad to have finally colored this in! I’m quite happy with how this came out. This is meant to be an evening scene (think 6-7PM)

Getting through these huge cloud jungles would be no problem on an elephant the size of a mountain! He forms lightning platforms under his feet to get across wide chasms.