The Past and Present


Now, it’s well-known that the elephant and the mammoth lived in extremely different environments. One was adapted to the intense cold of the Pleistocene Era, while the other exists in the hot, sunny savannas of Africa.

And yet…

They’re so similar.

The only difference is that one has curved tusks and hair. Otherwise, they’re almost like mirror images of each other.

Time passes us by. Some things are lost to time. But, you never forget where you came from.

Ice Age Waterfall


Okay, so I really admire elephants. I find them to be very charismatic creatures; they’re very intelligent, and their size, ears, tusks, and trunks leave quite a strong impression on me. Easily one of my top 5 favorite animal species.

So, naturally, I developed a fascination with the elephant’s prehistoric counterpart, the mammoth. If only they were still around… Thanks to the wonders of science, they may find a way to create a mammoth-elephant hybrid. But, unfortunately, bona fide wooly mammoth is off the cards at this point for now.