The Treasure at the Top – Part 1

The Treasure at the Top – Part 1

Just started on my newest painting, The Treasure at the Top. My new love affair with the koi fish is still as strong as ever, and I hadn’t painted a picture of these big, beautiful, vibrant carp in a little while.

The title will make more sense as I complete more of this painting. Trust me!

Wally, Wally, and Whart

(Thank God, my carpal tunnel syndrome has finally run its course. I seriously needed to let my wrist rest)

For the Big-Tooth Bros, there’s only one thing that can keep ‘em satisfied: beef, bacon, and chili dogs!

As a fun fact, I’m a fan of chili dogs and bacon cheeseburgers. Of course, I try not to overdo it because I don’t want a heart attack by age 50 or something.