Back in college, I visited Ocmulgee National Park, a state park in Macon, GA. That was for a Biology field trip, where we photographed the native flora and fauna in the area. Place was so gorgeous in Autumn that I couldn’t help but be inspired by it!

But, of course, this isn’t Ocmulgee. This is a mystical forest where the vernal equinox (spring) and the autumnal equinox (fall) meet.

The Oaks at Wilmington Island


A few years ago, I went on a family trip to Savannah, GA. Very beautiful tourist city, with tons of seafood restaurants, historic districts, and more.

But, one place in particular stood out to me, and that was the Oaks at Wilmington Island. An apartment complex on one of Savannah’s islands, The Oaks has a gorgeous lake sitting smack dab in the center of the complex. That lake, combined with the clear, blue autumn sky, inspired this painting.

Hopefully, I’ll get to visit this place again sometime soon.