Treasure at the Top – In Progress


Artist’s block is something that hits me sometimes. It happens to all artists once in a while. Every now and then, I’ll be thinking, “lemme sit on this painting for a little while. I will come back to it. Just need a break”.

So it is with this painting. I’ve progressed way past this point shown here in this TikTok video, but I needed a break from it for a bit. But, I could at least show you my initial progress on this picture.


The Treasure at the Top – Part 1

The Treasure at the Top – Part 1

Just started on my newest painting, The Treasure at the Top. My new love affair with the koi fish is still as strong as ever, and I hadn’t painted a picture of these big, beautiful, vibrant carp in a little while.

The title will make more sense as I complete more of this painting. Trust me!

Riding on Charlie

Riding on Charlie

Charlie is nowhere near as huge and heavy and Ed, being a koi fish. But, riding him is an experience like no other! This (soon-to-be) bright and colorful koi fish has no problem swimming in any lake, even if they’re near nuclear power plants!

On a side note, when I sketch out my drawings, I often use harder pencils like 2H. This way, I don’t smudge the paper as much while I’m drawing.

Part 1 – Dragon Fish

Part 1 – Dragon Fish

Did you know that koi fish can sell for >$1 million in Japan? It’s not surprising. These are easily the most beautiful members of the carp family. Going by what I’ve read about ancient Japanese folklore, koi fish could transform into dragons, as evidenced by the “whiskers” on their faces.

Plus, they remind me of the beloved pet goldfish that I had in Kindergarten! Whether they’re sharks or koi, I’m a sucker for fish. Simply amazing creatures that come in a variety of colors, sizes, and shapes, almost like underwater birds. A fish’s intelligence and cognition are very impressive, too.

Music Credit: Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio