Sandy Springs – Part 2


So, getting the King & Queen towers has been by far and away the more challenging part of this picture. Your typical skyscraper is like a giant rectangular prism, but these buildings are like 5 or 6 rectangular prisms connected to each other. Getting the shading right has been a challenge as a result.

But, that’s the joy of painting! Really improves your hand-eye coordination!

Atlanta, GA Skyline – Continued


So, the most challenging part of this picture was making sure that the skyscrapers in this picture were all proportional to each other.

In layman’s terms, the Bank of America Plaza (big building with a gold top) has to be the tallest building because that’s the tallest building in Atlanta that I know of. It therefore towers or everything else.

One Atlantic Center (pyramidal building to the right of the Plaza) has to be 2nd tallest, but it can’t be TOO much shorter than the Plaza.