The Oaks at Wilmington Island


A few years ago, I went on a family trip to Savannah, GA. Very beautiful tourist city, with tons of seafood restaurants, historic districts, and more.

But, one place in particular stood out to me, and that was the Oaks at Wilmington Island. An apartment complex on one of Savannah’s islands, The Oaks has a gorgeous lake sitting smack dab in the center of the complex. That lake, combined with the clear, blue autumn sky, inspired this painting.

Hopefully, I’ll get to visit this place again sometime soon.

The Finger of God (Painted & Hand-Drawn Versions)


A little about me:

I have a powerful fascination with the weather. If I could work part-time as a meteorologist alongside being a full-time artist, I’d be in heaven.

But, along with this fascination comes an intense fear of tornadoes. I wouldn’t describe as a full-blown phobia, but don’t tell me you wouldn’t piss your pants if you saw a 20,000-ft tube of air just eviscerate your neighborhood. It’s plain terrifying.

It’s even worse when you consider that Tornado Alley seems to move further and further east unit states like Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, and the like. You know, states full of trailer parks and income-poor neighborhoods.

-Places that can hardly withstand even 50 mph winds, much less tornado winds.

-Places that are some of the last neighborhoods in the country to get emergency aid (as we saw with a lot of minority neighborhoods in FL after Hurricane Ian, now that I think about it)

Tornadoes put the fear of God in me. They should put the fear of God in everyone. They’re quite literally the finger of God.

Expensive Luxury At It’s Finest


Note: Mercedes-Benz did not sponsor this image, nor are they in any way affiliated with this painting. I just like their cars is all.

So, my dad’s quite a bit of Benz fan. I wanted to make him something nice. Naturally, I painted him a picture of a Mercedes Benz.

Bonus points for anyone who can guess what model this vehicle is! .

Adorable Dollies

Illustrations, Paintings

Dolly the purple dolphin and Walter the Meg Shark are so cute together! They’re good friends.

Walter wasn’t easy to make, I’ll admit. In fact, I didn’t intend to make him myself. I asked Budsies and even some giant plush manufacturers.

But, the response was always the same.

“We don’t make dolls over 3 feet long”.

“Oh, our Chinese factories are closed for the Chinese New Year, but they’ll be open soon!”

How soon was soon?

Me being me, I got sick of waiting and decided to make him myself. I watched endless videos of giant doll and shark doll making videos and all over YouTube.

Finally, I was ready!

Oh, but there’s no fabric store near me! And, I don’t know how to sew…

Joann’s Fabric Stores saved the day, as did Walmart. Got some fabric from Joann’s; bought some Aleene’s fabric fusion glue and Poly Fil stuffing from Walmart.

NOW, I was ready.

Construction paper on which I drew the template
Finally cut out the doll template
Cutting out the sides using the doll template
Both sides of him
Created a separate doll template for the underbelly
Cut a slit to make the mouth

Making him required:

  • 9 feet x 30 yard construction paper for the doll pattern
  • Scissors to cut out the trace pattern into the fabric
  • 3 twenty-lb boxes of Poly Fill stuffing
  • 9 yards of yellow fabric for the dorsal side
  • 2 yards of white Blizzard fleece fabric for his teeth and the ventral side (underbelly)
  • 1 yard of black Blizzard fleece fabric for his eyes, snout holes, and eyebrows
  • 1 yard of pink Blizzard fleece fabric for the inside of his mouth and tongue
  • 6 inch x 22 yard red satin fabric for his red bow tie ribbon that I tied around his “neck” (fish don’t have necks, but yeah. You get my point)
  • 5 eight-fluid oz bottles of Aleene’s fabrics fusion glue to glue his body, eyes, eyebrows, teeth, and tongue together (yup, I don’t know how to sew yet, so he’s a no-sew doll)
  • Some patchwork to reinforce the strength of the fabric and fusing glue

I realized his caudal fin was too short, so I made his tail slightly longer to make it more proportional to his big body.

Finally, I started feeding him stuffing.

And more.

And still more.

As you can see, Walter became rather… eh… bloated and plump. At about 10-12 feet long, he’s quite a monster, which is an appropriate name for a giant prehistoric shark.

But, he became so cute and cuddly, too.

The end result of 6 months of work was another sea creature as a bedside buddy. My dolphin was itching for another roommate, and a megalodon like Walter made the perfect company.

In the future, I’ll probably glue on his spots. In the meantime, I’ll look into some sewing classes around Atlanta.

Let me just say this: If you really put your mind to something, you can create anything.

Purple Starlings

Purple Starlings

When I made this picture I was imagining a time when I was in Savannah, GA and watching a gorgeous sunset at a pier.

This particular picture is set in Africa, of course, hence why two purple starlings are enjoying this sunset.

Pastel African Violets


Of course, I couldn’t leave out the opportunity to paint some flowers for this bed and breakfast! I bet this would make a nice blanket design.

Fun fact: The African violet is a floral species native to East African countries like Tanzania. You can find them in the Usambra Mountains, according to The NY Times

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