Savannah Historic District


One of my favorites! For Labor Day, I went on a family outing to the Savannah Historic District. The place is just plain beautiful, with its museums full of Savannah, GA’s history and its sprawling beaches!

There’s a lighthouse in this place that’s (if I had to guess) about 60 feet tall. After walking up the stairs of the lighthouse there, we went to the roof of the museum. The view of the Atlantic Ocean from the top of the museum was so gorgeous that I had to paint a picture of it!

And, so this painting was the end result.

The Flower Turbines


The more I stared at wind turbines, the more they started to look like spinning flowers to me. So, this picture was the end result.

Seeing as wind turbines are meant to be a form of sustainable energy generation, they struck me as an object that could easily be turned into an aspect of Nature. Flowers were, of course, the best candidate for that.



Back in 2nd grade, I used to take piano lessons every week. I was getting pretty decent at it, too, earning a gold medal at a piano recital at Montessori. Calling myself the modern-day Beethoven would be presumptuous, but I was able to play “Go Tell it At the Mountain” and “Jesus Loves the Little Children”.

Of course, as we all age and enter adulthood, we start to think about money. We start to think about retirement. We start to think about adult stuff, in other words. And, as a result, we sometimes replace the hobbies we used to enjoy as little kids with full-time work.

And full-time work.

And more full-time work.

Now, of course I’ll come back to the piano at some point. I haven’t touched it for a good 18 years, but the piano is always there, never missing me… waiting for me to play it everyday like it used to

And, that’s why I aptly called this painting, Play!.