Process of Making Interstellar


In a previous post, I stated that The Odd One Out, now known as Interstellar, would make more sense when I completed it. Now that it’s done, I’ll leave it to you to decide whether this picture now makes more sense. In the video below, I show how I made this painting of a “teacup solar system”, so to speak.

But, why beverages in space? Well, the simple fact is that we really have no clue what’s out there in the universe. The universe is vast, and we’re just ants living in it. There could be all sorts of random stuff floating around in outer space that we haven’t seen yet. The stuff we do see like floating fireballs (stars) and “horse head nebulae” don’t really make sense to us. So, why not a teacup solar system?

Despite the absurdity of the universe, I’m able to appreciate its inherent beauty. If I see something that I find odd, I don’t try to understand it. I just appreciate the fact that it exists.

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