The Finger of God (Painted & Hand-Drawn Versions)


A little about me:

I have a powerful fascination with the weather. If I could work part-time as a meteorologist alongside being a full-time artist, I’d be in heaven.

But, along with this fascination comes an intense fear of tornadoes. I wouldn’t describe as a full-blown phobia, but don’t tell me you wouldn’t piss your pants if you saw a 20,000-ft tube of air just eviscerate your neighborhood. It’s plain terrifying.

It’s even worse when you consider that Tornado Alley seems to move further and further east unit states like Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, and the like. You know, states full of trailer parks and income-poor neighborhoods.

-Places that can hardly withstand even 50 mph winds, much less tornado winds.

-Places that are some of the last neighborhoods in the country to get emergency aid (as we saw with a lot of minority neighborhoods in FL after Hurricane Ian, now that I think about it)

Tornadoes put the fear of God in me. They should put the fear of God in everyone. They’re quite literally the finger of God.

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